Cgrain Value Industries


Malting Industry

Cgrain Value™ has applications for several
defects in barley, such as broken and pink
kernels (fusarium-affected) and can be
used to check the quality at intake.


Gluten-Free Oat Production

With Cgrain Value™ a higher detection rate
of foreign grain is possible than when done
manually. In production of gluten-free oats,
Cgrain Value™ can be used to ensure
quality as well as reducing the effort
required to detect foreign grains.


Milling industry

Grain mills can use Cgrain Value™ to check
quality at intake or after cleaning or heat
treatment of
the grain.


Grain Receiving & Trading

As Cgrain Value™ has applications for all
cereals, it is very useful for grain dealers
and at grain receiving. The instrument
can be used in several steps in the
process. It is a robust instrument designed
to operate consistently even in dusty

seed breeding

Seed breeding

Cgrain Value uses single kernel analysis, it is
non-destructive and even small samples can
be analysed. Therefore, it is especially
useful for seed breeders, particularly in the
early stages of the breeding process.


Research & Development

Do you have an issue you want to solve? Are
you interested in other applications than
those in use today? Cgrain Value™ offers
unique possibilities to develop new
quality indexes.

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