Moisture meter for baled hay, straw and silage

The new Wile 27 moisture meter is an easy-to-use reliable tool for the users of hay, haylage, silage and straw.

With Wile 27 you can measure the moisture of baled hay, haylage and silage between 10 and 70 % moisture. The moisture of barley and wheat straw can be measured between 10 and 50 % moisture.

Hay and straw will spoil, if it is too humid, it can even heat up dangerously during the process. Use Wile 27 to ensure that the baled hay is dry enough to be stored safely, or needs additional drying.
Wile 27 can also be used for defining the moisture or dry matter content of silage bales for different purposes.

Wile 27 shows the moisture of the hay or silage, i.e. water content in weight per cent. The dry matter content equals 100% minus moisture: for example 30% moisture means 70% dry matter content.

Technical data:

- Measurement of the moisture of baled hay and silage.
- Moisture measurement range of hay an silage: 10..73%.
- Measurement of the moisture of barley and wheat straw
- Moisture measurement range of straw: 10..50%.
- Easy-to-read 7 segment LCD display with large numbers
- Bale density: > 80 kg/m3.
- Probe length: 50 cm.
- Probe material: stainless steel
- Weight: 325 g.
- Battery: 9V 6F22, included in the delivery.

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