Water Activity of Samples Containing Volatiles

All the features of the Series 4TE plus a volatiles sensor for measuring samples containing propylene glycol, ethanol and other volatiles.

Easy Switching

The 4TEV comes with both a volatiles capacitance sensor and the standard Series 4 dewpoint sensor. You can switch between sensors using the 4TEV instrument menu.

  • Fast - water activity readings in 5 minutes or less
  • Switch easily between volatiles and non-volatiles sensors
  • Volatiles sensor accuracy: ± 0.015 aw
  • Non-volatiles sensor accuracy: ±0.003 aw
  • Verifiable with independent salt standards
  • Repeatable - different users, different locations, same result
  • Portable - the meter weighs just 7 pounds
  • Easy to use - precise measurements with minimal training
  • Secure - offers administrative control over calibration and sample data

How It Works

Put a 7.5 ml product sample in a disposable cup, seal the sample chamber lid over the sample, and wait for vapor equilibrium.

For non-volatile samples, an infrared beam focused on a tiny mirror determines the precise dewpoint temperature of the sample. That dewpoint temperature is then translated into water activity.
For samples containing volatiles, a hygroscopic polymer sensor detects the equilibrium relative humidity of air in the headspace above the sample. This method is slightly less accurate than the dewpoint method (±0.015).

Use (Almost) Anywhere

Internal temperature control lets you set a measuring temperature between 15º - 50°C and use the instrument anywhere-even outside the QC lab.

Use the 4TE to get lab-quality water activity measurements at the line, receiving dock, processing plant, storage facility-anywhere you need to test and verify the safety and quality of your products and ingredients.

Easy to Clean

The sample chamber lid flips up so contaminated sensors are quick to spot and easy to clean.

Secure Data

The 4TE stores time, date, and user information with every measurement and calibration, and can store up to 10,000 secure data points.

Administrative functions can be set to control access to data. Designate up to 25 unique users and passwords. Use the RS-232 serial data port to download or print data for statistical analysis and to maintain compliance records and archives.


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