C-Cell is used by many businesses to measure a variety of baked products and operational performance. For example, C-Cell measure: 13

Bread Scoring

C-Cell is used by bakers to score bread against their own pre-defined key performance indicators. For example in sandwich bread, consistency is monitored to improve quality control and reduce wastage.


C-Cell is used by ingredient and improver products for product development purposes, to establish functionality of new enzymes and establish relationships with specific quality parameters.


C-Cell can quickly identify problems and can quantify variations in process parameters to save wastage and downtime in production.

Research & Development

C-Cell is used for new product development and the reformulation  of products; the sophisticated software enables key parameters to be identified and will monitor specific changes.

Flour Milling

C-Cell is used for quality control purposes and for the development of new products, blending and formulation of grist’s.

Customer Complaints

There is a common language between customers and suppliers which C-Cell understands and speaks, thereby enabling an objective discussion of issues based on facts.


C-Cell is used by wheat, rye and rice breeders when establishing new varieties and creating Pup loaf scores.

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