C-Cell Colour

Food Structure Imaging System

C-Cell colour now provides structural and colour evaluation in 1 simple to use instrument for evaluation of products, ingredients and process conditions. C-Cell colour now includes advanced  software functionality and the instrument boasts a NEW full colour system which incorporates multiple new analysis tools, including:

bread breadtest rollcake marblecake

  • Full RGB colour analysis
  • Crust characteristics
  • Multi lingual software
  • Dual, multi functional lighting
  • Bespoke personalised imaging software
  • Analyse, identify and quantify inclusions in the crumb structure i.e. fruit, seeds and chocolate chips
ccell colour

For over 10 years the award winning C-Cell imaging instrument has been used daily across 24 countries, giving users the ability to analyse 48 different parameters. Providing industry standard results the C-Cell enables breeders, flour/ ingredient manufacturers, bakers and food researchers to assess the internal structure of baked goods.

Crust Unwrap Profiling

crust unwrap profiling


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