TMCO Color Seed Sorter


The ability to easily sort grain is beneficial to the seed breeder, the farmer, and the company packaging the seeds. The sorting process has proven to be difficult, expensive and time consuming.
Current methods of sorting rely on cost prohibitive equipment requiring highly trained personnel, or slower manual processes with inadequate accuracy.

The color seed sorter is a high speed camera combined with air jets. When a seed does not meet the predetermined color criteria, a concentrated burst of air will divert the seed down a reject chute.

All of the processing is done by an onboard computer and happens while the seed is falling. In a majority of the USDA tests, the color seed sorter reliably removed “bad seeds” with >90% accuracy on the first

Whether you are developing new breeds of grain or removing undesirable seeds from your finished product, the color seed sorter can improve your current process and save you money in the long run.


Accurately recognizes slight color variations in seed ranging in size from alfalfa to corn.


In addition to producing consistent results in a lab environment, the color seed sorter is capable of running unattended for extended periods of time in a production setting.


Very fast. Our 3-channel color seed sorter is capable of sorting wheat at roughly 25 kg/hr. Sorting speed is dependent upon the size of the seed, so we created a 4-channel version for higher throughput with smaller seeds. EASY OPERATION
Easy to set up and use. Training the system with small amounts of two classes of seeds can be accomplished in about 10 minutes. Once the system has been “trained,” the calibrations can be saved for use in the future.


Robust, safety conscious design requires little cleanup and minimal maintenance. Operates from standard 115VAC/60hz circuit. (230VAC/50hz available.)


Calibrations can be created and saved for a variety of sorting scenarios. In addition to wheat, the Color Seed Sorter has also been tested with alfalfa, flax, durum, peas, lentils, chick peas, corn, and many other samples



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