Gerhardt VAPODEST Autosampler

The VAPODESt 50s Carousel is Gerhardt's solution for the most sophisticated lab requirements: the distillation system with automated sample feed for fully automated analysis. The sample tubes are taken from the carousel and fed directly into the VAPODEST 50s for further processing. This robust system, based on a pneumatic drive ensures very reliable running. Furthermore, all functions are checked continuously by an error diagnosis system.
This model was developed for continuous operation with high sample through-put.The operator time is reduced to loading the tubes and filling the storage tanks with chemicals. Data transfer supports the input of all data relevant for the samples. Automatic feeding of samples using a robust, pneumatic technique. Various carousel inserts can either feed 20 Kjeldatherm digestion tubes 250 ml (order no. 6100) or 16 Kjeldatherm digestion tubes 400 ml (order no. 6108) or Jumbo digestion tubes 400 ml for the direct distillation (order no. 6460) or 12 Jumbo digestion tubes 800 ml for the direct distillation (order no. 6461). The construction is economic, saves bench space and has an integrated set of tanks with level sensor control. Perfect for a high sample through-put and continuous operation



VAPODEST-Manager - PC - Controlled systems

VAPODEST-Manager is a powerful software, which meets all request of a modern laboratory management. The software controls and monitors the entire distillation process and offers versatile possibilities for documentation and keeping a log book. Everything under Control:

  • Overview of all functions at any time
  • Diagnosis functions for the optimal distillation process
  • Fast overview over all steps of the distillation
  • Option to create your own program libraries
  • Data exchange with all current spread sheet programs

Included in the standard configuration:

  • 1 x Distillation system VAPODEST 50s carousel, complete mounted with compressor and carousel
  • 1 x Set of storage tanks consists of: 1 x H2O-tank, 1 x H3BO3-tank, 1 x NaOH-tank, 1 x Sample waste tank, 1 x titration tank
  • 1 x Printer incl. printer cable
  • 1 x Set digestion tubes
  • buffer solution, KCL-solution, tubing set, operating pen and mains cable

Ord.No.: 7655; Type: VAP 50s c; description: VAPODEST 50s carousel, with carousel for 20 x 250 ml tubes

Ord.No.: 7655/1; Type: VAP 50s c; description: VAPODEST 50s carousel, with carousel for 16 x 400 ml tubes

Ord.No.: 7655/2; Type: VAP 50s c; description: VAPODEST 50s carousel, with carousel for 12 x 800 ml tubes


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