Gerhardt Cyanide Analyzers

Cyanide determination system

digestion instruments, which has been especially developed, for the decomposition of water- and soil samples for the determination of cyanide resp. for the total cyanide determination as well as for other determinations. Up to four samples can be digested simultaneously.


Two models

Thanks to the IR heating system, a fast and even heating up of the instrument is made possible. There are two models to be chosen from:

  • Turbotherm Automatic is equipped with a modern control. Thus, up to 9 different programs can be defined. Each program has up to 9 variable heating levels.
  • The current status is permanently displayed with manual override possible at any time. The heating can be individually adjusted to the samples.

Turbotherm with manual power setting using the energy controller.

User-friendly Decomposition Instrument

Easy handling possible:

  • Two-tier console takes condensers
  • Gas flow counter located at the side
  • Steckmatic connection makes handling of compressed air resp. inlet tubings easy.
  • Four sample tubes can be handled easily and simultaneously by using an insert rack

Further advantages:

  • Connection to in-house compressed air resp. nitrogen tubing is possible, thus economic and safe flow of gas
  • Using of inert materials
  • Various usage, e.g. for the determination of total cyanide, volatile cyanide, sulfide, sulfuric dioxid
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