Gerhardt Centrifugal Scrubbers

The Turbosog centrifugal scrubber condenses and neutralizes aggressive acid fumes. The preseparator works in two steps, separating and washing out these acid fumes. The removal of the fumes is very efficient with extremely low running costs. Little service is required as no activated carbon filters are used in the system



Technical Data
Nominal Voltage: 230 V AC /50 Hz
Nominal Wattage: 150 W
B x H x T in mm: 330 x 420 x 450
Suction Amount: 2.500 l/h
Weight: 20 kg 
Ord.-No. 630010

Additional cooling unit for Turbosog

Additional condensate bottle for a more efficient separation of condensate when doing water digestions with Kjeldatherm or Turbotherm digestion units. The system can be easily cleaned, has screw caps with snap lids and cooling water control. The unit is attached at the side of the Turbosog and connected to the water supply. Thus upgrades of existing units are done without problems.

Order No., Type and Description:
6330 ZKE Additional cooling unit complete, incl. water control


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