Kjeldahl digestion block KJELDATHERM® from Gerhardt Analytical Systems

KJELDATHERM® block digestion unit

Digestion in aluminium heating block with precise temperature control.

Tried and tested C. Gerhardt technology specifically designed for Kjeldahl digestion of a wide variety of samples with nitrogen content in the micro and macro range.

Ideal for subsequent Kjeldahl distillation with the VAPODEST® distillation units.

Available with various fittings.

Reproducible digestion conditions

Programmable, precisely controlled temperature/time phases enable secure and reproducible digestion conditions.

The entire digestion process, including heating phase, delay phases and cooling phase, can be defined precisely, saved and retrieved again using 9 temperature/time programs with up to 10 temperature levels.

Large number of samples in small area

Depending on the block system, 8, 12, 20 or 40 samples can be digested simultaneously.

The various insert racks and heating blocks can hold digestion tubes measuring 100 ml, 250/300 ml or 400 ml.

All digestion tubes can then be inserted directly into the VAPODEST® distillation systems.

Convenient and safe

The precise temperature/time control ensures a secure digestion process.

The inspection window on the heat shield for the insert rack allows you to monitor the samples at all times.

The motorised multi-level console enables convenient and safe lifting and lowering of the loaded insert rack.

The exhaust manifold and water jet pump provided or the powerful (optional) TURBOSOG suction station ensure effective extraction of acid fumes.

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