TMCO Dough Mixograph


Recording Dough Mixer

Choice of Size

  • 10 gram mixograph with or without case.
  • 35 gram mixograph with or without case.

Materials of ConstructionPrecision-machined aluminum and steel components mounted on aluminum base plate. Aluminum mixing bowls are precision-machined with stainless steel pins. Complete unit is mounted on a high quality masonite base and enclosed in an attractive wood cabinet.

Recording SystemPhysical characteristics of dough are graphically illustrated. Fast and convenient with average curve time requiring six minutes.

Electrical Requirements (Specifications with case)

  • 110-120V or 220-440V, 50Hz or 60 Hz, AC.
  • 110-120V, 60Hz, AC.




National Manufacturing is pleased to announce computer interfaced 10 gram and 35 gram Mixographs. These new machines offer the best of both worlds–standard mechanical strip chart with pen, plus our new, automated, PC controlled data collection and analysis system. (Factory enhancement for recently purchased Mixographs is also available, please call for details.)

Mixograph computerization requires strip chart recorder and standard documentation. This unit is available with or without environmental cabinet.

The Mixograph itself comes complete with strip chart recorder and standard documentation. This unit is available with or without environmental cabinet.

A simple, accurate, non-contacting moving bowl sensor offering long life and excellent reliability is mounted in and shielded by the Mixograph’s main bearing assembly. This sensor feeds an easily used, AC powered interface, which connects to the computer’s printer via a standard cable. It is not necessary to disassemble your computer to install this interface, nor does it interfere with the normal operation of your printer(s).

Mixsmart is a user-friendly, menu-driven program that eliminates the labor intensive and time consuming manual analysis of Mixograph curves. Accurate and reproducible results are displayed in both graphical and tabular form. This analysis, based on user-selected defaults, systematically and objectively determines such typical mixogram parameters as peak time, peak height, various slopes, bandwidths, and curve areas (power calculations). Please refer to the included sample report for more detail. Complete user’s documentation is included.

Lastly, the customer will need to provide an IBM compatible computer. While capable of running on less, it is strongly suggested that the minimum configuration include a 386SX CPU with 1024K memory, one floppy drive (any size), hard drive with one meg free, VGA graphics display, DOS 5.0, and mouse. The software will also use a math coprocessor if available.

MixSmart For Windows

Now AvailableA new, greatly enhanced version of our data acquisition and analysis software, MixSmart For Windows, is now shipping with our popular line of computerized Mixographs.

  • Backwards compatible with previous versions’ data files.
  • Expanded and updated user’s manual.
  • Requires the new “AGCcomm” microprocessor-based interface box supplied with new computerized mixographs or retro-fitted to existing computerized systems.
  • Support for multiple projects with customized default settings.
  • Improved file handling supports long file names and large data sets.
  • Expanded spread sheet export including access to the variables report section…Create spreadsheets with .WK1, .XLS, .QPW extensions for easy use by other programs.
  • Greater options for printing, with support for all Windows based monochrome and color printers
  • Adjustable pre-analysis filter for dampening noisy curves.
  • Versatile run-time peak finder for early mixer shutdown in research.
  • Greatly enhanced analytical sections, including expanded envelope analysis and variables reporting.
  • Laboratory samples’ data (moisture, protein, operator ID, etc.)…may be saved with each curve (and available for numeric analysis).

Options to customize reports or generate on-screen alerts, including out-of-range warnings, absorption estimation, proprietary scoring systems, etc.

The Mixograph Handbook, a supplemental text, also ships with all new computerized Mixographs. This collection of technical articles on the use and interpretation of Mixograph curves includes many tips on the practical use of Mixsmart for research and production applications.

The handbook is also available for purchase directly from National.

Using the MixSmart software, the Mixograph operator no longer needs to labor with a straight edge and his own conscience in order to evaluate a dough. This package can perform the same measurements, in less time, with greater repeatability among replicates, and totally without bias. Furthermore, analyses such as work integrals and detailed slope breakdowns, once considered too time consuming for regular use, are now standard features.

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