'EasyTemp' Software Products

'EasyTemp' and 'Easy Temp Professional'

The JULABO software solutions enable YOU to control, visualize and record temperature and time-dependent processes without any hassle.

For relatively simple control tasks of only one JULABO instrument, the FREE 'EasyTemp' is ideal. For more complex tasks JULABO offers 'EasyTempProfessional' for controlling up to 24 instruments. The connection is carried out inexpensively and simply via digital RS232 interface or USB converter.


Product Overview




Comparison of the JULABO EasyTEMP Software versions easytemp
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request a free CD-ROM version Order-Nr. 8901 102
easytempprofessional Order-Nr. 8901 105
Control of one JULABO unit with RS232 interface x x
Control of up to 24 JULABO units with RS232 interface   x
Recording and display of currently measured values on PC x x
Setpoint programming via PC x x
Status indication x x
Display of effective heating/cooling capacities x x
Individual control window for each unit   x
Start / stop function of individual or any integrated units   x
Simultaneous start of units with just one button   x
Recording of measured values:
Graphic zoom data function x x
Display up to 4 curves in one diagram x  
Display unlimited curves in one diagram   x
Curves cab vue assigned   x
Ramp programming
Ramp function of up to 100 steps x  
Ramp function of up to 100 steps (individually for each instrument)   x
Repeat memorized profiles x x
Modify running profiles   x
Grafic display of total profiles   x
Data Recording
Records measured values in ASCII format x x
Records measured values in MS Excel┬«   x
Saves additional relevant measuring data   x
Scalable monitoring pattern   x
Export function of graphs into JPG format   x
Uploads previously created recordings with print function   x
Integration and control of laboratory instruments of different makes, e.g. laboratory stirrers magnetic stirrers, analyzing balances, dosing pumps, PH measuring devices, etc.   on request
Operating system Windows


Operating system Windows
Order -Nr. Description Suitable for
8 901 102 'EasyTEMP Control Software' Instruments with RS232
8 901 102 'EasyTemp Professional Control Software' Instruments with RS232
8 980 073 RS232 interface cable 2.5 m TopTech, HighTech, Presto, Forte HT, Recirculating Coolers with RS232, Controllers LC4, LC4-F, LC6
8 980 075 RS232 interface cable, 3.0 m Shaking water baths SW22 and SW33
8 900 110 USB interface adapter cabel Instruments with RS232 + 8 980 073 bzw. 8 980 075
8 980 031 Ethernet / RS232 interface converter Instruments with RS232
8 980 030 PBI Profibus DP Interface-Box Instruments with RS232




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