Falling Number ® FN 1000

Alpha-amylase activity has great influence upon the quality of baked goods, pasta and noodles. Sprout damage is caused by alpha-amylase – a naturally occurring enzyme in grain that increases in concentration during wet harvests. Perten Falling Number instruments are the only validated instruments capable of running the World Wide Standard method for measuring alpha-amylase activity in flour and meals of wheat, durum, rye, barley, other grains and malted cereals. The Falling Number method is a fast and easy test to help protect your organization from the effects of sprout damage.

Falling Number® 1000 instrument

The Falling Number 1000 is an automatic dual sample analysis system designed for simple operation. The system includes functions for automatic water level control, automatic start and automatic stop at operator set FN target. It also includes functions for registration of sample ID, calculation of moisture corrected sample weight, mean value calculation, moisture corrected results, altitude correction and calculation of blends and malt addition. The user can also select the optional Fungal Falling Number method. With its 5.7” touch screen, operation is simple and intuitive – including local language options. The FN 1000 has USB and Ethernet ports for printer and bar code reader and results can be readily copied to a memory stick or sent for external collection in e.g. a central LIMS system.
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