Gerhardt Lab Equipment Supplies


Lab Extraction

Soxtherm Rapid extraction; Traditional Extraction; Soxtherm Manager SXPC Software; FibreBag / Crude fibre / Hydrolysis

DETAIL C Destillierapparat

Lab Distillation

Basic distillation system; Programmable distillation systems, Programmable distillation systems with Titration; Traditional distillation; Autosampler


PRODUKT B Kjeldatherm neu

Digestion Systems

Infrared digestion systems; Block digestion systems; trace metal determination; Cyanid determination; Traditional digestion systems; chemical oxygen determination; Scrubber


PRODUKT B Laborheizer

Lab Heaters

Flask heaters; Serial heaters; Single heaters


Lab Shakers

Laboshake LS/RO 500; Thermoshake; Rotoshake 12


DUMATHERM N64 296x296 next generation

Dumas Combustion

Rapid nitrogen determination acc. to Dumas - Dumatherm





 Gerhardt offers both: Classic manual units and a fully automated hydrolysis system for the digestion of food and feed with strong hydrochloric acid prior to fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt...



Fibre Analysis


FIBRETHERM; Fully automated process; FIBREBAG Systems; Batch handling; New technology; ADF; NDF; ADL; Crude fibre
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