Perten Glutomatic System

 When baking bread and producing noodles or pasta, the flour gluten content and strength will determine the quality of the finished product. The Glutomatic System is the world standard for determination of gluten quantity and quality.

The effect of gluten quantity and quality in the flour used for breads, cookies, crackers and pasta is dramatic. In the photo of three loafs of bread below it is clear that the wet gluten quantity of the flour strongly influences bread volume. Using the Glutomatic System you will be able to determine the baking quality of wheat and flour.


Features and benefits


Determine gluten quantity and quality - Improve the quality of your finished products

Official world standard - Ensure that trade contracts are fulfilled


For flour and grain - Determine gluten characteristics both for wheat and flour

Measure true gluten - Only the Glutomatic can measure true gluten. In a number of situations protein content is not indicative of gluten characteristics.

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