Gerhardt Serial Heaters

These hotplates can be used for many different applications. They are equipped with either 4 or 6 85 mm dia. heaters, each individually controlled, with a 2 pole mains switch and pilot lamp including power cord. Multi-functional due to the wide range of accessories available. Maximum temperature is 425 °C, also available as single heaters.


With the broad variety of accessories it is possible to use the hotplates as extraction-, crude fibre-, hydrolysis-, digestion- and distillation units.

Accessories for EV

Order No. Description

1301 Interchangeable plate top Ø 120 mm aluminium, for beakers up to 2 l and flat bottom flasks (EV 1 only).

1302 Interchangeable top mould Ø 65 mm, aluminium, for flasks up to 100 ml.

1303 Interchangeable top mould Ø 95 mm, aluminium, for flasks up to 250 - 500 ml and Kjeldahl flasks up to 500 - 750 ml.

1308 Holder with clamp for Soxhlet glass parts.

1310 Airbath insert for extractions, used with top mould 1303.

1724 Support rod 600 x 12 mm, stainless steel with screw thread.

1727 Support rod 1000 x 12 mm, stainless steel with screw thread.

1725 Forked rod for Kjeldahl-flasks, chromium plated with screw thread.


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