Gerhardt Hydrotherm - Automated Acid Hydrolysis Systems

HYDROTHERM is the only system worldwide to do an automated acid hydrolysis for the traditional fat determination acc. to Weibull-Stoldt. The automated procedure is patented and a revolutionary concept for fat analysis: The high level of automation saves up to 80 % of the costs per sample in comparison to the traditional analysis.

Method conformity

HYDROTHERM works according to a variety of national and international regulations and fully meets the required analytical qualities.

Maximum safety

No more handling of hot acids or fumes: All processes take place inside a closed, safe system. No fume cupboard needed

Modern controlling software

HYDROTHERM is entirely operated and controlled by HYDROTHERM Manager, reducing the operator's attention time to a minimum ensuring, at the same time, a maximum of process control.

Hydrolysis and extraction from one source

Tedious and expensive fat determination is a thing of the past: Using HYDROTHERM prior to the automatic SOXTHERM extraction system makes the fat determination really easy.

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