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The iGRAIN DASHBOARD MANAGER PLATFORM software system contains the complete tool for optimum aeration control. It is easy to use and does not require a skilled grain manager to obtain versatile results during storage. It operates in automatic or semi-automatic modes and requires only a few basic settings to start operation. The system utilizes all information from the iGRAIN sensors: temperature, moisture, CO2, weather station data, etc. and it can also integrate data from other sensor systems.

Aeration Control based on EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Concentration)

Many suppliers of temperature monitoring systems offer what they think is “Aeration Control”. In fact, most of them only offer the “thermostat function”, meaning that if the temperature is going high they will start the fans. This has nothing to do with Aeration Control. Aeration control must take the total grain condition into account. TRUE AERATION CONTROL, iGrain EMC Aeration control, takes into account the entire grain mass condition. Aeration control is based on targeting a specific grain temperature and specific grain moisture. The control system will then find the best control path to get to the target, without putting the grain in danger and only using the fans when it is a calculated advantage. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed presentation. EMC Aeration Control is definitely the best possible insurance of your grain.


  • Adapts to any climatic zone
  • Aeration control reporting included in the weekly ‘’iGrain Monday Morning Report’’
  • True EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Concentration) aeration control. This means you can target a specific temperature and grain moisture concentration.
  • Minimises moisture loss.
  • Supplied pre-configured from iGrain.
  • Onlne support from the iGrain Online Support Centre
  • Advanced hierarchal software based on Safety First and Optimising Grain Value
  • Simple system with access with passwords.
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