HD2 the mobile moisture meter for sand, gravel and grit



Ensuring quality directly at the point of origin – directly at the construction site! This is no problem for the handy two-rod probe SONO-M1 for the measurement in sand, gravel and other aggregates. Based on state-of-the-art radar technology.


Ensuring quality directly at the point of origin – directly at the construction site!
  • High reliability: HD2 provides accurate moisture values in sand, gravel, limestone and many other aggregates.
  • The handy two-rod probe with the solid rods can be inserted easily into sand, gravel, limestone and other aggregates.
  • Both durable and waterproof construction ensures safe handling even under difficutl environmental conditions.
  • For data collection, mode change or calibration purposes, the probe can be connected to a PC.
HD2-Display-01 en

Within the operating mode "Average Value", the HD2 will deliver a representative measurement result of all measured locations that represents significant volume of the material.

HD2-Display-02 en

The operating mode "Normal" shows you at a glance the value of Moisture, Temperature, and the RBC (material conductivity).

To conduct the measurement, the probe rods are simply inserted into the material and the measurement is performed with the mere actuation of the start button. Within two seconds, the moisture measurement value is presented on the clear display. In contrary to the kiln-drying method where the measurement is usually restricted to a measured volume of 3 to 5 litres, and the CM test which only measures approximately 50 ml, the HD2 is able to provide the user with a moisture content value of a measured volume of 1.25 litres with only one measurement. In the operation mode "Average Value", merely 6 measurements are sufficient to provide the fast and accurate measurement of a material volume of 7.5 litres within a few seconds. This is what we call representative and progressive.

Fast and easy moisture measurement of sand and gravel Check your goods directly on delivery All packed in a rugged carrying case

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