Kern 222 Grain Sampler

The most accurate way to measure hectoliter weight, consisting of measuring tube, fore-runner and sharp-edge plate, auxiliary tube, filling cylinder and base plate. 

Accurate and traceable, the Kern Chondrometer is the only choice for laboratories and in-take sites wishing to measure hectoliter weight to the full.


  • Material: brass
  • Scraper blade: stainless steel
  • Weights: brass, filled with lead
  • Axial: hardened steel
  • Bracket: agate
  • Base plate with stainless steel locking screws
  • Support  (1 litre) with two pluggable tubes on the top with agate bracket for the beam
  • Beam: centre distance and height-balanced to an exactmmµ-range
  • Advance body consists of tube, centerpiece and two panes, soldered together and turned to an exact height and weight of 89 + 1 gram  (1 litre)
  • Scraper blade consists of three parts: holder, brass frame and blade
  • Capacity measure consists of several soldered single components  (tube and solid matter)
  • Counterweight consists of a base plate, bracket and replacement ear
  • Recipient for bulk product consists of brass tube with a base and reinforcement ring
  • Filling tube consists of bras tube with a “crown”  


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