Gerhardt ADF, NDF, ADL and Crude Fibre Analyzers


csm PRODUKT A FIBRETHERM Faseranalyse 476x400 4df1592886Manual determination of

  • Crude fibre
  • ADF (Acid Detergent Fibre)
  • NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre)
  • ADL (Acid Detergent Lignin)

in feed according to Van Soest, Weender and other methods.

The FIBREBAG technology developed by C. Gerhardt breaks new ground in the classical Weender crude fibre analysis procedure.The determination of the cell structure substances according to van Soest is also made easy. Bench space, energy and chemical consumption are all reduced dramatically compared to the traditional glassware methods due to the batch handling of six samples in one carousel. Despite all those savings, the conformity of the method is guaranteed.

Available models

  • FBS   6, FIBREBAG system for  6 samples, order no. 10-0013
  • FBS 24, FIBREBAG system for 24 samples, order no. 10-0014
  • FBS 36, FIBREBAG system for 36 samples, order no. 10-0015

Accessories for FIBREBAG systems

  • 100 pieces FIBREBAGS for crude fibre determination, order no. 10-0128
  • 100 pieces FIBREBAGS for ADF and NDF determinations, order no.10-0127
  • Glass spacer, order no. 10-0124

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