Gerhardt ADF, NDF and Crude Fibre Determination System


System developed to automate the time consuming dosing, boiling and fitration steps required in crude fibre, ADF and NDF analysis.

System configuration FIBRETHERM

  • Closed system
  • 9 programs
  • Automatic acid addition
  • Automatic caustic addition
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • Automatic suction
  • Cooling water control
  • Complete function control
  • Batch handling of 12 samples

Optional accessories for FIBRETHERM

  • External automatic amylase dosing pump (required in ADF and NDF determinations)
  • Set of tanks with level sensor control

Imperative accessories for FIBRETHERM

  • 100 pieces FIBREBAGS for crude fibre determination, order no. 10-0128
  • 100 pieces FIBREBAGS for ADF and NDF determinations, order no. 10-00127
  • Glass spacer, order no. 10-0124
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