TMCO Micro Mixer 10g - 100g

The National Micro-Mixer was developed in response to the call for a “small” plain mixer using the Swanson Type Mixing Head; one in which the mixing action can be readily observed, as well as being thorough and fast. Widely used for absorptions and by those few labs that carry on some “micro” work.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 10 Gram
  • 35 Gram
  • 100 Gram



Micro Mixer 100g - 200g

The “Complete” mixer for “pup” doughs with the Timken Bearing mixing head.

The National “Complete” 100-200 gram dough mixer Illustrated above in three positions, features the SWANSON MIXING SYSTEM. Observe the twin planetary “forks” which stretch the dough over the two pins in the bowl as well as working it against the outside wall of the bowl. Fast and thorough, the Swanson type mixers remain popular with those who use them. Hundreds of our 100-200 gram Mixers are performing daily in Baking Labs throughout the World.

The National “Complete” 100-200 Gram Dough Mixer

Rugged and powerful, the National “Complete” 100-200 gram Mixer is powered by a 1/3 HP Capacitor type motor, which drives a speed reducer, which, in turn drives the mixing head through a horizontal vee belt drive. Adjustment is provided for maintaining proper belt tightness. The planetary-type mixing head is machined from solid Duraluminum bar stock; with shaft and gears all running in a bath of oil. Timken bearings are used throughout and automotive-type oil seals prevent leakage of oil. The carriage, which holds the bowl, is a heavy, cast aluminum member brushed with bronze to slide with ease on the ground, and polished stainless steel vertical ways. All mixing pins are of stainless steel. The built-in timer has a 15-minute dial and is used as an on and off switch as well as a timer. The 2-way switch constitutes a disconnect switch.

  • Weight 60 lbs.
  • Table space 12″ x 16″
  • height 22″
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