PSA 20.400

The PSA 20.400 Autosampler has been brought out to complement the Millennium range of products and is supported by the Millennium software (version 1.08 and above).

It holds 12 standard cups (29mm diam.) plus 3 sample racks. As standard the system is supplied with 3 x A400T005 trays which fit 50ml containers, giving a total of 75 samples. Different tray configurations are available, please contact us for details.


PSA 20.500

The PSA 20.500 (Cetac ASX.510) is a Random Access Intelligent Autosampler incorporating a specific software driver to enable it to be controlled with the PSA Millennium Software. Precision engineered automated sample probe arm and stationary sample racks virtually eliminate errors. It has an integrated rinse station with peristaltic pump minimizing sample contamination and carry over.


PSA A400D170 Auto Dilutor

Atomic fluorescence detection with its wide linear range of operation rarely needs the services of an auto dilutor but if analytical condition require or the user prefers to use an auto dilutor to make up standard solutions then the A400 D170 Autodilutor is available.

The A400D170 auto dilutor is used to carry out (pre)dilution of samples automatically or used to prepare standards.

It has the following features to ensure accurate dilution of samples or standards with minimal contamination.

  • Automated (pre)dilution of series of samples or single samples

  • Production of standard working solutions or mixtures from a stock solution

  • Single or multiple dilution steps

  • Stepper- motor driven screw driving syringe piston with optical feedback for controlling liquid flow

  • Automatic rinse function

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