The PSA 10.055 Millennium Excalibur system was designed for the determination of arsenic, selenium, antimony and other hydride forming elements.

The system combines reliability with precision and ease-of-use. Switching between analytes is facilitated by the easy access of the lamp housing.

Detection levels of 10ppt for As and Sb and 2ppt for Se are readily achieved. With the use of an optimised multi-reflectance filter detection levels of 10ppt can also be realised for Te and Bi.

The Millennium Excalibur is PC controlled using PSA's Millennium Software, allowing discrete data capture with full integration into user networks and formats.

For information regarding the use of the 10.055 Millennium Excalibur for the speciation of arsenic, selenium and the other hydride forming elements please follow the links below.

Arsenic speciation

Selenium speciation

Antimony speciation


Millennium Excalibur

Typical Detection Levels
As - 10 ppt
Se - 2 ppt
Sb - 10 ppt

Linearity over 5 orders of magnitude

Easily interchangeable lamps for multi element determination

0-1 volt output allows simple coupling to chromatograph data packages


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