CHOPIN Flour Quality Tester - CD1 auto mill


The CD1 auto, a fully automatic test mill, enables you to produce large volumes of test flour, constituting representative and indispensable analysis media for performing your laboratory and bread-making tests.

  • Development of an optimal adjustment in relation to the industrial mill.
  • Preparation of the bread-making tests.
  • Savings in investment and analysis effort (addition of a bran brush is unnecessary).

The advantages of the CD1


Fully automated analysis saves you the acquisition of additional equipment (up to 75% of extraction with no need to use a bran brush).


The reduction of the milling time by 20% in relation to other tools of the same class enables you to perform your analyses more rapidly.


By detecting the end of milling, and with the automatic drainage system, the CD1 auto assures you of optimal security during the test milling process.


The CD1 auto is perfectly adaptable to your industrial production installation, and your protocol can be fully customised thanks to the support of the Applications Laboratory.

A lower maintenance requirement

In the context of normal use, the virtually inexhaustible cylinders gives you the peace of mind that is inherent in a lower maintenance requirement.

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