CHOPIN Samolina CD2 Test Mill


The CD2 test mill, a tool for the production of semolina that is representative of the hard wheat in production, provides you with a support that is essential for determining the rheological behaviour and the biochemical composition of your products.

  • Selection of the wheat and assessing the mixtures to be effected.
  • Estimating the semolina value.
  • Characterisation of the semolina obtained.

The advantages of the CD2 “Durum” hard wheat test mill

Robust quality

Due to the robust quality of the CD2 (up to 30 millings/day with no heating), you are able to use this appliance in an intensive manner with no problems.


Because of the fixed settings that match your process, you can easily achieve a milling of your products that is similar to that effected with your industrial equipment.

A lower maintenance requirement

In the context of normal use, the virtually inexhaustible cylinders gives you the peace of mind that is inherent in a lower maintenance requirement.

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