Shore Model 920™ Portable Moisture Meter Package for Grains


The Shore Model 920™ provides quick accurate moisture results for a large variety of commodities.

Results are displayed directly without the need for  moisture or temperature conversion tables.

The Model 920 uses a pre-weighed sample and a reliable sampleloading mechanism to insure accurate, repeatable results. The Model 920 uses proven measurement principles and a cell design that makes it one of the most consistently accurate and economical
moisture meters available.

This means the Model 920 more closely matches the results of the moisture meters used by grain elevators
than other portable meters.

The Model 920 features rugged all metal construction: no flimsy plastic cases or other parts that are easily broken.

The Model 920 is available as a complete portable testing package with a portable electronic scale and all accessories in a sturdy metal carrying case.

Model 920™ Moisture Meter for Grains


    Environmental operating temperature range: +32 to +120° F

    Measurement range: Varies with commodity. Typically moisture ranges are from 6 to 40%.

    Sample temperature range: +22° to +160° F

    Sample test time: 5 to 35 seconds depending on sample
    temperature. Samples that are above 100° or below 40° will take a maximum of 35 seconds to allow for accurate temperature sensing. Samples close in temperature to the meter will take only a few seconds.

    Dimensions: Width: 5”, Depth: 7”, Height: 10.5”, Weight: 2.7 lbs.

    Display: Large 8-character alphanumeric LCD display with backlight for low-level ambient conditions.

    Power requirements: 6 AA alkaline batteries or 9 volt AC adapter (included in package).

    Battery life: Varies with usage. Alkaline batteries should provide 6 months to a year of intermittent use. Intermittent use is defined as less than 20 tests per week and infrequent usage of the display backlight.

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