CHOPIN Moisture Oven - EM10

The EM10 oven is the reference method for measuring the water content of all types of product, by desiccation of the sample.

  • Verifying the quality of storage over time.
  • Construction of calibration or checking the accuracy of the rapid analysers (moisture meters, NIR, etc.) against the reference method.
  • Reference measurement in the event of disputes.

Acknowledged efficiency:

By using the EM10, you are complying with the NF ISO 712, NF V03 707, NF V03 708, AACC 44-20, AACC 44-15A, FT WG,0008, IRAM 15850-1, and ICC110/1 standards for measuring the reference water content.

The advantages of the EM10


On this one appliance, you are able to perform the analysis of all types of product.


By virtue of its 10 compartments, capable of accommodating 20 nacelles, the capacity of the oven is adjustable to suit your needs.

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