Wile Bio Moisture - moisture meter for wood chips


Bio Moisture measures the moisture content of different sorts of wood chips that are typically used as solid fuels in different power plants. The meter can measure common sorts of wood chips, from coarse chips to fine logging residue chips. The measurement range extends up to 70% of moisture.
The meter shows the moisture content of the material in weight percent.
Measurement range for wood chips is 12-40% and logging residue chips 30-70%.
Method of moisture content definition is based on the technical specification CEN/TS 14774-1:2004 that is used in the European Union.
You can measure the moisture content of the wood chips directly from the storage heap or from the load. It is also possible to gather the sample of the material into a plastic bucket and make the measurement in it.

The measurement itself happens in a ball-shaped zone, that is situated between the metal tip of the probe and the dish part. The diameter of the measurement zone is about 20 cm.


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