Rapid Strip Test for Detection of Total Aflatoxin in Grain, Nuts and Seeds

Simple 5-minute, one-step method

  • Rapid 1-minute extraction
  • Detects total aflatoxin at 20 ppb limit
  • Works at room temperature
  • Easy visual test interpretation – disappearing line

The MycoFlow™ Total Aflatoxin Strip Test Kit can be used to rapidly detect total aflatoxin in corn, corn grits, corn meal, rice, wheat, soy, peanut, pistachio and coconut. With a detection limit of 20 ppb for total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1 and G2) residues and a fast 5 minute protocol, this kit is ideal for use in the field or the reference laboratory.
The MycoFlow Total Aflatoxin Strip Test Kit’s relative cross-reactivity with various aflatoxins includes: B1 at 100%, B2 at 95%, G1 at 91% and G2 at 72%. The limit of detection for total aflatoxin in this kit is 16-20 ppb.
Interpretation of results can be performed visually or using the QuickSTAR™ Strip Reader. The QuickSTAR Strip Reader is recommended for optimal performance and traceability.
The MycoFlow Total Aflatoxin Strip Test Kit is Bioo Scientific’s latest addition to its line of kits for mycotoxin detection.

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Bioo Scientific MycoFlow Total Aflatoxin Strip Test

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