Perten NIR Analyzers - Diode Array 7250

6-second analysis of all types of samples

The new DA 7250 is the third generation diode array NIR analyzers from Perten, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries.

It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. The DA 7250 comes pre-calibrated for a wide range of applications, and determines moisture, protein, fat and many other parameters in all types of samples.

Anything - Analyze all types of samples from powders to pellets, liquids, pastes and slurries

Anywhere - Rugged IP65 rated design for use at-line or in the lab

Anytime - Never wait to get results, 6-second analysis without sample preparation

Anybody - Trained chemists or factory staff, everyone will confidently use the DA 7250


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