Skalar TOC, TC, TIC, Elemental C and TN Analyzers


Primacs SNC 100 side

The Primacs SERIES analyzers provide effi cient and unmatched precision in Total Carbon (TC), Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) / Protein analysis for a wide variety of samples, such as soil, plant, environmental waste, animal feed, malt and food. Due to the  efficient removal of condensate, the Primacs SERIES can also be used to analyze liquid samples, such as sludge and sediment.

The measurement is based on the high temperature catalytic combustion methodology. After weighing, the samples are introduced to the analyzer by a unique vertical bottom to top sample introduction system. The samples are oxidized at high temperatures and measured by infra red detection (carbon) and thermal conductivity detection (nitrogen/protein), according to the Dumas principle.

Quick and easy access to all components and the user friendly design, make the Primacs SERIES analyzers the perfect tool for automating a variety of  analyses on a wide application range of solid and liquid samples.


  • Analytes TOC, TC, TIC, TN, Protein
  • Suitable for solid samples and liquid samples
  • Sample weights up to 3 grams
  • Automatic balance interfacing
  • Unique vertical bottom-to-top introduction system
  • Reusable sample crucibles
  • High temperature combustion with IR detection (Carbon)
  • Dumas methodology and TCD detection (Nitrogen)
  • Minimal bench space required
  • Range 1 – 100 mg N (abs.)
  • Range 0.005 – 120 mg C (abs.)
  • Methods according AOAC, EBC, ASBC, ISO, AACC, AOCS

Animal feed, malt, food, sludges, sediment, soil, plant, fertilizer, cement, bauxite etc.

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