The moisture of agricultural products is an important quality parameter for the harvest and storage capacity as well as an important measure for marketing. The AGRETO Moisture meters provide faster measurements than the conventional methods to measure either the conductivity or electrical capacitance of the sample.

AGRETO provides instruments for Lucerne and baled product moisture testing.

ANKOM develops, manufactures and markets analytical instrumentation and support products for use in laboratory analyses of agricultural and food products. ANKOM provides technological solutions to enhance the determination of nutritional components in agricultural and dietary products. ANKOM supplies instruments for the determination of Crude Fibre, ADF, NDF, Dietary Fibre, Crude Fat, Total Fat, Vitamin and Cholesterol Extraction, In Vitro Digestibility testing and Gas Production determination.

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and distributes as a well-known manufacturer’s instruments and equipment for testing a broad range of material properties. The range of application extends from laboratory equipment through to small-scale production. Brabender GmbH& Co. KG’s Food Division supplies instrumentation and lab scale extruders to Grain Handling, Milling, Food Extrusion, Starch Industries and Alternative Food manufacturing. Their Plastics Division supplies instrumentation and lab extruders to the Plastics Additives Industries, Rubber and Tyre Manufacturers and Chemical Industries. The Brabender Messtechnik supplies Volumetric and Gravimentric Industrial and Laboratory Feeder Systems to all Industries.

C-Cell provides important information for evaluation of baked products, ingredients and process conditions. The system is easy to use and can be incorporated into quality control, new product development or process design projects. The system uses dedicated image analysis software to quantify cell characteristics and external features.

Experts in quality control of dairy, grain, flour, feed and food and offer a wide range of analytical equipment for these industries including innovative solutions for RAPID food and feed safety testing. We can test if the food has been contaminated by pesticides, veterinary drugs, antibiotics, hormones, mycotoxins, pathogens, allergens or others.

Grain & Feed Testing solutions
Meat & Seafood Testing Solutions

Cgrain AB develops and manufactures analytical instruments for the visual quality control of cereals using high-tech image analysis. These instruments are used in cultivar identification, quality of cereal grains and fungus detection in grains.

CHOPIN is specialized in the quality control of cereals, flour and their derivatives. CHOPIN offers products and services for professionals in the cereal industry to aid in performing analyses in order to meet the requirements, regulations and specifications of customers.

C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems sell a range of laboratory equipment for the following; Kjeldahl Nitrogen and Protein, traditional and rapid digestion and distillation, metal and trace metal digestions, traditional and rapid Soxhlet solvent extraction for fat in foods or environmental sample extracts. Rapid and traditional Fibre determination instrumentation. General heating equipment including heating mantles and hotplates and shaking systems.

The iGrain portfolio of products offers a complete solution for monitoring temperature, moisture and spoilage prevention, using advanced digital technology and automated controls to optimize the condition of stored grain in silos, at storage warehouses and grain piles.

iGrain also supplies the TOXISCRUB device which removes mycotoxins and infestation from grain, oilseeds, nuts and other infected products.

The most accurate and officially accepted means of measuring hectoliter weight (HLM) and bulk density in cereal products.

Megazyme is the world leader in the development of biochemical assay kits which caters to a wide range of industries and uses only the highest quality enzymes and reagents. Megazyme methods have been validated by international bodies and, in most cases, a number of different assay kit formats (manual, microplate, auto-analyser) are available. When coupled with the various analyzers now available from Megazyme, a bespoke solution for users at every level is available, from high throughput analytical laboratories right down to the smallest analytical facilities having minimal scientific equipment.

Meter Group designs, manufactures and markets Water Activity meters and Moisture Analysis systems for shelf life determination and maintenance, food quality control, production control and research.

Pneumac produces quality sampling and testing tools. Pneumac products are used to sample commodities such as grain, corn, wheat, barley, maize, peas, beans, rice, nuts, coffee, cocoa, soil, lupines, soya bean, sunower, øax, linseed, asparagus, beet, cucumber, gherkin, melon, spinach, fruit and other seeds and cereals, large and small; also animal feed and pellets, plastics and chemicals and other granular products. Pneumac products are used to rapidly test for Barley Viability for malting barley.

P S Analytical are leaders in the supply of instrumentation for the determination of mercury (Hg), arsenic (As), selenium (Se), tellurium (Te), antimony (Sb) and bismuth (Bi). The PSA systems are utilised for many diverse applications, from environmental to petrochemical, and cover all sample types from gases to liquids and solids. Used for the measurement of totals and for speciation, the PSA systems offer unrivalled performance and reliability within the marketplace.

Shore Measuring Instruments supply moisture testers and moisture meters for the grain, seed, milling, processing and farm markets. Shore Measuring Instruments handle a full line of grain grading equipment.

Skalar manufactures a range of automated chemistry analyzers i.e. for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, detergent, food and beverage laboratory. Skalar manufactures Constant Flow Analysers (CFA), Discrete Analysers, TC and TOC Analysers, Total Nitrogen Analysers (Dumas) and Robotics Platforms for automating routine analysis laboratory tasks. Skalar analyzers meet the highest quality standards and have proven to be the most reliable and economical choice in today’s modern routine laboratory.

SPECIM is at the forefront of new technological solutions applied to hyperspectral imaging. SPECIM’s in-depth hyperspectral knowledge and extensive expertise in optical engineering are unmatched. SPECIM continues as the technological leader in the realm of hyper-spectral imaging. Supplying process, clinical, metallurgy, airborne, research and mobile hand held Hyperspectral Imaging systems.

TAGARNO develops state-of-the-art camera solutions for grain, seed, food, electronic and soil inspection and the medical industry.

Tekpro is the home of Holmen Pellet Durability Testing instruments and Insectomat insect infestation detection systems.

TPLG offers a complete range of samplers, from the simplest to the most sophisticated (Grain, powders and bulk products). In addition to automating sampling, TPLG has been offering complete automation of analytical laboratories for 35 years.

VIAVI is a manufacturer of Micro NIR Spectrometers. The spectrometers are supplied for use in the field, on-line, in-line and PAT. Supplied and applied in all industries from pharma through food, spices, fruit, forages to beverage and dairy.

Wasserlab provides laboratories systems which supply Pure water of a certain and specific quality, proper for testing.

Wile provides a whole family of products which are available for most grains and seeds in almost all agricultural areas around the world. Wile grain moisture meters use the capacitive measurement principle which allows measurement of whole grains.

Provides analytical solutions to different industries such as Food, Energy, Textile, etc. We develop and supply Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment for several applications both at the Lab (Benchtop NMR systems) and productionline devices (Inline NMR).

Spinlock supplies both off-the-shelf NMR equipment (Benchtop and In-Line) and develops custom-made designs for client specific needs.