TMCO Risograph

Since its introduction in 1987, the Risograph has become an industry-standard instrument for the measurement of yeast activity and gassing power. The 12 channel, computerized system is simple to use, compact, and efficient. For both R&D and QA use, the Risograph provides a truly quantitative and reproducible method for evaluating a product’s gas producing capabilities.

  • Measures from 1 to 12 chambers simultaneously.
  • Used in the studies to develop AACC method 89-01 for yeast activity and gas production.
  • Suggested sample size is 50 grams, but samples from 10 to 300 grams can be used.
  • All hardware is contained inside the chassis.
  • The Risograph’s onboard microprocessor has a precision sampling clock and output buffer for increased reliability and precision.
  • Uses include: quality assurance of ingredients; development of new recipes; effects of cold or frozen storage on leavening; and selection and development of new methods and standards.
  • Redesigned in 2005, National Manufacutring also offers retro-fits for existing computerized systems.
  • New and expanded data analysis capabilities can be saved with each sample set.

RisoSmart allows the capture, analysis and display of gassing data utilizing a windows-based system that offers a variety of choices for data and curve presentations. The analytical system has been vastly expanded to include extensive spreadsheet and graphics. RisoSmart allows printing to Windows-based printers. User defined add-on modules make Risograph curve scoring easier. Reports can be customized.

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