Skalar Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA)


San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

The Skalar San++ analyzer provides the most proven and reliable technology available today in automatic wet chemistry analysis. The analyzer is designed  for all environmental and industrial fields such as water, food, beverages, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, soil, plant and tobacco.

The San++ is the recognized system for reliable 24 hour a day operation. The analyzer is a modular concept and can be configured to meet the needs of  any laboratory, including various in-line sample preparation steps such as UV-digestion, distillation, extraction, dialysis and ion-exchange. The analyzer can  handle as many as 800 samples a day and analyze up to 16 parameters simultaneously.

With the implementation of a wide range of detection techniques, the San++ suits the analytical requirements of over a thousand chemistry applications.  These range from simple parameters such as Ammonia, Chloride, Nitrite to the more complex Total Cyanide, Phenol, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphate and  many others.


  • Fast sample through-put, up to 120 analyses per hour
  • Analyze sub ppb to high ppm levels
  • Can run up to 16 parameters simultaneously
  • 21CFR part 11 compliant FlowAccess™ software for data generation, QC/CLP procedures, automatic and unattended start up of the analysis run at a user programmed time
  • Auto samplers for 40 - 800 sample positions available
  • Auto pre-run and/or post-run dilutions of out of range samples
  • Automatic preparation of working standards
  • Analyses according to Standard Methods, EPA, ISO, AOAC, Coresta, EBC, ASBC and many more

Waters, soil / plant, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food / beverages wine, beer / malt, detergents, tobacco, galvanic and petrochemical industry etc.

Continuous Flow Analysis principle of operation (Flash animation)

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