CHOPIN Numigral Technology Equipment

The Numigral, standardised method internationally, is the indispensable tool that enables you to determine the weight of 1000 grains effectively.

  • Seed certification.
  • Assessing the agronomic, milling, semolina and brewing yield.
  • Estimating the number of grains to be sown in order to obtain good crop density.

Acknowledged efficiency:

By employing Numigral, you are complying with the AFNOR NF V03-702 and ISO 520 standards to determine the weight of 1000 grains.

The advantages of Numigral:


On this one appliance, you can count all types of element from 1 to 15 mm in size (grain, seed, etc.).


Using simple functions, such as possible preselection of the number of elements to be counted, and automatic stopping when this number is reached, the Numigral can be operated by anyone with no particular qualifications.

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