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Serdia Integrated Silo Thermometry

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CHOPIN Technologies products and installations are ATEX compliant. INERIS 02ATEX0091 X certified.

SERDIA wired system

This comprises the following components:

- junction box,
- DLP cabinet
- SERBUS interface board,
- electric cables for interconnection of components.

Wireless system: SERDIA WiTEM ®

The WiTEM (Wireless Intelligence Temperature Monitoring) system consists solely of radio transmitters/receivers on each probe and on the reader.

Benefits of SERDIA WiTEM ®

Adaptability: Whatever your silo setup (concrete, steel, flat, etc.), complete reliability of communication is guaranteed.
Reliability: The lack of cables and junction box removes 100% of failures due to short circuits, rodents and lightening strikes.
Maximum security: If one probe fails, it does not prevent other probes from working.
Easy-to-use, modular design: Installation within existing facilities is extremely easy and can be completed in stages (to match available budget).


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