Gerhardt Laboshake Laboratory Shakers LS/RO 500


Programmable shakers offer complete operational variability:

  • 9 different shaking programs. No need to adjust settings for individual users
  • 9 steps per program, set for speed and time. For even the most complicated procedure
  • Speed settings from 0 to 200 rpm, with standard 50 mm throw allows for optimal shaking conditions
  • Time can be set in seconds, minutes and hours
  • Separate LED displays allows shaking time and speed to be called up and changed during any procedure. Allows manual intervention without affecting the program
  • Optional breaks can be set into any program


  • Plastic housing improves resistance to corrosion.
  • Stable base plates mean that shakers can handle heavy loads up to 30 kg for long continuous operation.
  • Laboshake can operate in varying temperature and humidity conditions allowing reliable operation in incubators, cold rooms and hot rooms.


The basic shaker models have a wide range of optional accessories to suit virtually all laboratory applications.

  • Carrier plates for large numbers of flasks or bottles.
  • Two and three storey frame sets to save precious bench space.
  • Incubator chamber for temperature dependant applications.


Gerhardt offer two basic models of shaker. Together with the extensive range of accessories, these shakers easily satisfy the extensive requirements of chemical, biological, or microbiological research. Heavy loads are handled with the same ease as varying temperature or humidity conditions. Both models can handle loads up to 30 kg. Delivery of the basic model includes 4 vertical rods 150 mm long to accept the variety of attachments (spanner included for easy assembly), mains cable and an instruction manual.

Shaking frequency 20 - 200 min-1, amplitude 50 mm, time and speed can be programmed, shaking platform 540 x 370 mm, max. load 30 kg.

For all shakers we offer a large variety of accessories. .


Shaking the classic way

  • Mixing of liquids
  • Dissolve poorly soluble salts
  • Create emulsions
  • Homogenization of suspensions
  • Liquid/liquid extractions

Environemental analysis

  • Elute soils
  • Shaking of water samples
  • Dissolve contaminants of sewage sludge
  • Dissolve nutrients from substrates
  • Dissolve waste from soils


  • Equidistribution of nutrients
  • Avoid sedimentation
  • Introduce oxygen
  • Discharge carbon dioxide
  • Equidistribution of temperature
  • Substitution of stirring

Shaker RO

Order No.; Type; Description
4155; RO 500; Shaker with orbital motion4156; RO 500 i; Shaker with orbital motion and RS 485-Interface

Shaker LS

Order No.; Type; Description
4055; LS 500; Shaker with reciprocal motion4056; LS 500 i; Shaker with reciprocal motion and RS 485-Interface

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