Gerhardt Incubator Shakers

Thermoshake VT and TH

The extensive range of Gerhardt shakers now includes additional models: 4 new incubating shakers. All models havea new incubating chamber, which ensures a high stability of temperature. Thanks to built-in Peltier elements, models VTO 500 and VTL 500 assure a precise control range of 10 °K below room temperature to a maximum of 60 °C. Models THO 500/1 and THL 500/1 offer a precise range without cooling function of 5 °K above room temperatureto 60 °C




  • Heat insulated temperature chamber
  • Saving energy thanks to minimal heat loss
  • High stability of temperature Operation
  • Stores up to 9 programs
  • RS 485-interface (read out of temperature data possible)
  • Incubator and illumation of the interior can be set separately

Extensive accessories

Saving bench space by using two tiers console
Accessories to attach bottles, separatory funnels, Erlenmeyer flasks and many more

Model VT with cooling

Quiet operation thanks to Peltier-element
Since no cooling agent is necessary, extremely environmental friendly


For all shakers we offer a large variety of accessories. Please click here for an overview



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