CHOPIN Rotachoc Grain Sifter

The Rotachoc sifter, a mechanical device that enables you to characterise the flour or the semolina in a simple and accurate manner by measuring the grain size.

  • Classification of the flour and semolina according to their final use.
  • Compliance with the currently-applicable standards.

Acknowledged efficiency

By using the Rotachoc, you are complying with the AFNOR NF03-721 standard for determining the undersized fraction of “Durum” hard wheat semolina

The advantages of the Rotachoc


This tool was specifically developed to mechanically sift flour up to 80 µm, and so is perfectly adaptable to the type of products that you wish to characterise.


Its wide choice of mesh sizes means that it can be adapted to all of your applications (choice of sieve, speed of rotation, surface scouring, etc.).

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