The PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad mercury analyser brought a new dimension to low level mercury measurement in gaseous environments. It incorporates a purge and trap approach coupled to the Millennium Merlin optics and electronics to offer absolute detection levels of below 0.1 picograms.The Sir Galahad can be operated directly from a computer (IBM compatible 286 or better). It is portable with a simple trolley-style carry case and since the system only requires electricity and one gas input it can be easily used for on-site measurements.

The Sir Galahad offers significant advantages for laboratory or field studies and has become the chosen method for some applications. The atomic fluorescence approach and the performance of the specific Amasil® traps are embedded in the ISO standard method developed for Natural Gas measurements. The instrumentation and the sampling procedures are also integrated into the Amoco CATS Terminal Manual of Reference Methods.

In addition to these uses, the Sir Galahad can form the central point of on-line and off-line processing instrumentation for low level mercury measurements in incincerator stacks, natural gas plants and also in the field of natural gas condensate analyses. Standard accessories are available in some instances, but for more detailed engineering-based projects, PSA is able to offer its analytical expertise combined with the client's engineering team to proved a fully customised approach. A significant advantage of the purge and trap approach being that in its transfer and measurement cycles, the Amasil® traps are rejuvenated each time they are used.


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