Skalar Analyzers


San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer for testing of waters, soils, fertilizer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages such as beer, wine and milk


The BluVision™ discrete analyzer is designed to perform basic colorimetric analysis for the environmental field.


FormacsSERIES Total Organic Carbon / Total Nitrogen analyzers offer the perfect solution for fast and reliable testing for carbon and nitrogen in water



  Primacs SNC 100 side

The PrimacsSNC-100 have been designed to offer a true solution of carbon and/or nitrogen analysis in solid samples.

Robotic Analyzers

SP2000 BOD kleiner 4

Skalar Robotic Analyzers for BOD, COD, Conductivity, Alkalinity, Turbidity, ISE, Clay fraction and pH analysis save time and have increased data quality.






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