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SNOL Laboratory Furnaces and Ovens

Thermal processing equipment for laboratories
SNOL department has been producing heat treatment equipment for laboratory and industrial applications since 1960. The company pays particular attention to the product development by using advanced technologies and scientific progresses in order to meet individual user needs. Highly qualified personnel and premium materials result in high quality, reliability, and durability of our manufactured products.

Main products lines:
• Laboratory Furnaces
• Laboratory Ovens

SNOL advantages:
• Made by European standards – SNOL products bear CE mark and company’s Quality Management System is certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 / LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.
• One of the biggest manufacturer in the world reaching more than 4000 units per year
• Reliability - we pay specific attention to products functionality and features
• Our professional engineers team are ready to offer solutions for your Hot innovations
• Short lead time - we keep our most popular in stock and 90% of our production is built in house
• Durability – Customers have been using SNOL products for 50 years

Laboratory Furnaces

  • Chamber furnaces - L
  • Muffle furnaces - L, LZ
  • High temperature furnaces L
  • Shaft furnaces - LSh
  • Tube furnace - LV
  • Laboratory furnaces L for asphalt test
  • Chamber furnaces L - heating elements on the tube
  • Chamber furnaces L - heating elements are built in ceramic fibre

Laboratory Ovens

  • New line laboratory ovens LFN
  • Laboratory ovens LFP, LFN with hot air fan
  • Laboratory ovens LP, LN with natural convection
  • Ovens LFN up to 600 C
  • 4 chamber electric oven LFN


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