SONO-VARIO Xtrem: aggregate moisture measurement for very high abrasive Goods like Gravel 4/32
and Grit

VARIO Xtrem frei 200

SONO-VARIO Xtrem: Aggregate moisture measurement.
The exact solution for:

  • Bulk Materials Industry
  • Chemical- and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Feed Production
  • Glass-Ceramic Industry

SONO-VARIO Xtrem is suited for measuring of highly abrasive bulk materials such as 8-32mm gravel, sewage sludge, etc. The probe head is made of highly abrasion-resistant hardened steel and has a rectangular ceramic window. Special feature: exchangeable probe head.

  • Highest Reliability at the moisture measurement in sand and other complex materials like paste, calcium carbonate, powder, cellulose, pastry and other. The TRIME-technology guarantees precise measurements even under difficult conditions (e.g. if water and sand are charged with minerals up to 12dS/m pore water conductivity). The additional measured radar-based conductance (RbC Radar based Conductivity) enables conclusions regarding further parameters of the material recipe. For you, this has the following effect: improved quality control, more safety and less recipe errors.
  • Highest Reliability in comparison to Microwave probes, SONO probes provide accurate measurement values even when aggregates are exposed to steam in winter and where the sand and the gravel feature differing grain sizes.
  • Even in the event of abrasion at the probe head, the automatic measurement compensation enables significantly longer operating periods without the necessity of recalibration.
  • The intelligent pre-processing of the measurement values featuring smooth mean value accumulation, adjustable filters, and up to 15 calibration curves for the calibration which is already conducted in the sensor itself. Usually, external evaluation devices are not required.
  • Two variably adjustable analogue outputs 0(4)...20mA allow for the easy connection to any currently existing control system.
  • A RS485 interface enables network operation of the sensor. It already contains a data bus protocol for the connection of several SONO sensors.The connection of the sensor to industrial buses such as Profibus, Ethernet, etc. is possible via optional external modules (available upon request).
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