CHOPIN Damaged Starch Analyzer






The SDmatic is a standardised tool that is indispensable for rapid, simple, accurate and reliable analysis of damaged starch in less than 10 minutes.

  • Checking the quality of the flour.
  • Improving the yield of the dough by adjusting the hydration of the flour.
  • Verifying the regularity of the flour and therefore the quality of the finished products.
  • Reducing the problems of stickiness during production by identifying any flour that is not to specification.
  • Optimising the production costs associated with the excessive consumption of energy, and verifying the correct adjustment of the cylindrical appliances (parallelism, wear).

Acknowledged efficiency:

By using the SDmatic, you are complying with the AFNOR V03-731, AACC 76-33 and ICC 172 standards.

The advantages of the SDmatic


The extreme ease of use of this fully automated tool renders this system usable by all, with no need for additional qualifications, requiring neither enzymes nor complex equipment.


Analysis of the damaged starch is effected in less than 10 minutes and stops automatically on completion of the test.


The SDmatic can be adapted to your needs. Your calibrations can be customised with the support of the Applications Laboratory.


Enables you to compare your results in relation to those achieved by other methods, making it possible to retain your current references, through a choice of the units proposed.


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