Wasserlab Laboratories “Desktop equipment”

Laboratories all around the world require Pure water of a certain quality, proper for testing. The nature of such tests and the National and International regulations define the requirements to be met by the water used in every laboratory.

Water produced with our equipments meets ASTM D1193, NCCLS and ISO 3696 standard requirements. 

Our range of desktop’s equipment cover all the needs of a laboratory, both water quality (Ultrapure or Type I, Type II, Osmotized water) and production requirements (3/5/10 l/h) and storage (10/30/50 L) Thanks to the small size of the equipment and the flexibility of configurations, allows us to maximize space available in the laboratory.

Ultrapure Water Type I (Reagent grade)

Laboratory modern techniques allow the detection of substances in concentrations every time lower. This requires every time purer reagents.

Purified Water, which is the mayor component of the solutions used in laboratories, is also affected by these requirements. The quality of Water Type II Analytical grade is insufficient for this type of applications, so the use of Ultrapure Water Type I (Reagent grade) becomes necessary. 

Pure Water Type II (Analytical grade)
In general, Water Type II (Analytical grade) is used in Laboratory techniques (culture media and reagent preparation, general analysis).

Micromatic - Ecomatic - Autwomatic St/ UV

Osmotic Water Type III
The Osmotic Water is usually used in cleaning processes or supply laboratory equipment, that do not need a high quality of water.

Autwomatic RO St/ UV

MicromaticMicromatic EcomaticEcomatic AutwomaticAutwomatic

Autwomatic ROAutwomatic RO Autwomatic PlusAutwomatic Plus Autwomatic Plus 1+2Autwomatic Plus 1+2

Ultramatic GRUltramatic GR Ultramatic PlusUltramatic Plus 

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