Wile Lab Products

As a result of continuous development the portable Wile meters are today a whole family of products that are available for most grains and seeds in almost all agricultural areas around the world.Wile grain moisture meters use the capacitive measurement principle that allows measurement of whole grains. 

Aside of grain seeds they can measure various oil seeds and many special commodities like coffee beans, spices and new bio fuels seeds like Jatropha Curcas. Wile is available also the measurement of hay and silage, up to 70% of moisture. With the unique dish probe you can also measure loose hay before it has been baled.


  • Grain: Wile 55
  • Grain: Wile 65
  • Grain: Wile 78
  • Grain: Wile Temp

Hay and Silage

  • Hay and Silage: Wile25
  • Hay and Silage: Wile26
  • Hay and Silage: Wile27


  • Wood: Wile Bio Moisture - for wood chips
  • Wood: Wile BIO Wood - sawdust and wood pellets


  • Coffee: Wile Coffee


  • Cotton: Wile for Cotton

Soil Compaction

  • Soil: Wile Soil Compaction Tester
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