Wireless Communication and Software

Instrument Management via PC or Remote Control

JULABO facilitates the automation of applications. With EasyTEMP Professional temperature control units are comfortably controlled and monitored via PC. Laboratory instruments are easily connected via RS232, RS485 or Profibus. WirelessTEMP® permits wireless control and monitoring. Measurement values are easily recorded, documented and visualized on any PC or notebook.

Strong benefits

  • Increase efficiency by automating applications
  • Convenient instrument control and operation directly from your workstation
  • Instrument control via PC or easy remote control
  • Numerous possibilities to visualize and record measuring values
  • Monitoring of instruments without time-consuming inspection rounds
  • Economic solutions for small and medium laboratories
  • Easy to start and operate
  • For virtually all JULABO units with an RS232 interface
  • Download JULABO EasyTEMP software free of charge


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