Wireless Communication

for JULABO Temperature Control Instruments

Laboratory work just became much easier now that JULABO temperature control instruments can be operated and monitored wirelessly.


Benefits for the user:

  • Access to temperature values and unit status from any workstation
  • Less walking around to check instruments saves time
  • Fewer cables reduces costs
  • Flexibility in choosing location for the instrument
  • Remote control enables mobility
  • Lab automation and capturing measurement data with PC/Notebook
  • Higher user safety when used in hazardous areas
WirelessTEMP can be used in a wide variety of situations and works with existing JULABO temperature control instruments. They must only have an RS232 connection to enable easy retrofitting. Investment costs are low because you need only one 'Remote Control' unit or one PC to control up to eight temperature control instruments simultaneously.
Drahtlose Kommunikation

Product Overview

Remote Control

Handy remote control  for display and control of up to 8 JULABO instruments

  • Display and adjust set points and actual values
  • Display output data, warning messages and error messages
  • Display and select units within wireless range


Send/receive module for all JULABO models with RS232 interface

  • Inserted into the temperature instrument's RS232 port
  • Receives control commands
  • Sends instrument data, status messages, and measurement values to a PC or 'Remote Control' unit

USB Stick

Send/receive module for PC's with USB interface

  • Connect to USB interface on PC
  • Sends control commands
  • Receives data, status messages, and measurement values from the temperature control instruments


Extends wireless range

  • Plug into any standard electrical socket
  • Extends the range of the wireless connection


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